Criss Cross Poker – Two Ways to Win With One Hand

How Criss Cross Poker is Played

What’s unique just roughly Criss Cross Poker is that there are two ways to win as soon as one hand. The want of this poker table game is to have a winning five card poker hand which pays according to a poker ranking pay table. The dealer does not comport yourself. A all right 52 card deck is used. Before play begins, players must first make two ante bets of equal size, one in the across betting circle and one in the the length of betting circle. An optional 5 card different bet is moreover easy to use that pays according to the final poker ranking in the 5 card community hand.Do you know about slot deposit pulsa tanpa potongan?

The dealer gives each artist two hole cards turn the length of and places five community cards slant down in a aggravated pattern. Three horizontal and three vertical. Based vis–vis the value of artist’s hole cards, the when engagement takes place:

Player may make an across bet from 1X to 3X the ante or fold the hand.
Dealer exposes the two uncovered cards in the region of the horizontal argument of the gnashing your teeth.
Player may make a beside bet from 1X to 3X the ante or fold the hand.
Dealer later exposes the two outside cards in the region of the vertical column.
Player must in addition to create a center bet from 1X to 3X the ante of fold.
After the middle card is exposed, the players use their hole cards to make two five card poker hands, one across and one all along. The center bet pays according to the ranking of the across and down hands according to the following pay table:
Winning Pay table

Royal Flush – 500/1

Straight Flush – 100/1

Four of a Kind – 40/1

Full House – 12/1

Flush – 8/1

Straight – 5/1

Three of a Kind – 3/1

Two Pair – 2/1

High Pair (J-A) – 1/1

Low Pair (6-10) – Push

All Other – Loss

Optional Bonus Pay Table

Royal Flush – 250/1

Straight Flush – 100/1

Four of a Kind – 40/1

Full House – 15/1

Flush – 10/1

Straight – 6/1

Three of a Kind – 4/1

Two Pair – 3/1

Pair of 6’s or Better – 1/1

All Other – Loss

Strategy and House Edge

Here is the recommended strategy:

Across Bet

Fold if your hole cards are unsuited, unpaired, and the highest card is 2-5. If you have a suited Jack-Queen or any pair, make the 3X raise. With all appendage cards, make the 1X bet.

Down Bet – The same applies to the down hand. You have already seen the two across cards which may serve you once your wagering options.

Middle Bet – You have now seen fou community cards from the deck. If you made at least one 3X bet, leisure to-do not fold.

The residence edge is calculated at more or less 4.3%, and 3.5% for the optional choice wager.


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